Once again the narrative on Covid has shifted, this time from "Get the vaccine and this will all be over," to "Even if you have the vaccine we might h...View Details

Of all of the people discussing politics, Jordan Peterson is among the most unique. We discuss some of our thoughts on Jordan Peterson and how his ide...View Details

Summer Travels

Due to a combination of summer travels and family emergency, there is no episode this week. But there are many to look forward to in the future. Send ...View Details

As the stakes of politics increase, the number of people willing to act immorally to obtain power increases. The result is that, as time goes on, it b...View Details

Everyone agrees that there are serious problems with Healthcare but it’s difficult to see what exactly causes those problems. The healthcare system in...View Details

For several years the government of China has had internment camps in which they have incarcerated over one million of the Uyghur people without those...View Details

In the 70 years since George Orwell's 1984 was published, its ideas have become a staple of American high schools and universities. In our very first ...View Details

Today, there is a rising popularity for the economic theory known broadly as socialism. In this episode, we dive into not only why it has become popul...View Details

In a follow up to our last episode, we dive further into the deeply disturbing sources of partisanship. In particular we look at the basis for the int...View Details

Since we first started this podcast we've been talking about how ugly the relationship between the two parties has been. And in the last year, that h...View Details

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