The Supreme Court recently ruled on two "agency created'' vaccine mandates. One of them was upheld, the other was struck down. In this episode we delv...View Details

For almost two years we've been told the goal was to prevent as many people as possible from getting. For many, the only acceptable number was zero ca...View Details

72: The Year in Review

From the Covid Vaccine to Omicron, George Floyd to Kyle Rittenhouse, and Trump to Biden, we cover some of the biggest stories of this year and how the...View Details

Starting with a discussion of Abigail Shrier and her book Irreversible Damage, Brad and Dan discuss various Trans issues and related political princip...View Details

We've discussed the intellectual Cold War between Sam Harris and Bret Weinstein. Both Bret and Sam have addressed the societal response to Covid and h...View Details

Ask just about anyone and they will agree that something is wrong with the world, but they won't agree on what is wrong or what caused it. The pandemi...View Details

2021 is almost over, but with the spread of Omicron it appears like we have at least a few more months of Covid dominated news cycles ahead of us. The...View Details

What does Chrystal Kizer have in common with Darrel Brooks? Not much honestly. One killed her trafficker when she was seventeen, the other was a repea...View Details

After three days of deliberations, the jury found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all counts. Which for the most part, puts an end to this case. But th...View Details

With the jury still deliberating and the nation holding its breath, we discuss the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. We also discuss the CDC's change in goal...View Details

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