Everyone is familiar with Biden's proposed vaccine mandate and the arguments about the pros and cons are already pretty well laid out. So today we dis...View Details

58: Is Abortion Murder?

With the new Texas abortion law going into effect, abortion is once again a hot topic. In this episode, we look at this new Texas law and the history ...View Details

"Why, of course, the people don't want war," - Hermann Göring. Since the fallout from our disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and the ongoing clean...View Details

History has always had a significant role in politics. Since the rise of the 1619 project, and the subsequent controversy, the role of American histor...View Details

As the FDA approves the Pfizer vaccine, people are reconsidering Vaccine Mandates. Even though such mandates are unlikely in the United States, it's a...View Details

54: Afghanistan

After 20 years of direct U.S. military involvement, it only took days for the Taliban to take over Afghanistan. And as both Americans and Afghans stru...View Details

53: The Great Resignation

After the initial surge of businesses and employees returning back to work, the economy has stalled. In this episode we take a look at some of the cau...View Details

Once again the narrative on Covid has shifted, this time from "Get the vaccine and this will all be over," to "Even if you have the vaccine we might h...View Details

Of all of the people discussing politics, Jordan Peterson is among the most unique. We discuss some of our thoughts on Jordan Peterson and how his ide...View Details

Summer Travels

Due to a combination of summer travels and family emergency, there is no episode this week. But there are many to look forward to in the future. Send ...View Details

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