We promised a full episode discussing some of the principles and precepts of Austrian Economics. This week we delivered. You're welcome. Austrian econ...View Details

92: Greedflation

In the beginning of 2022 we were told that inflation would be temporary, but it stuck around. Then the Fed jumped in and raised interest rates in orde...View Details

In this episode we discuss the recent horrific school shooting that took place in Uvalde, Texas. In particular we try to answer two questions: 1. Why ...View Details

Episode Update

An Episode is coming this week guys don't you worry! We are just a little delayed, but should have it up on Saturday. Thanks for your patience and for...View Details

No episode this week. Brad is out still with the birth of his second child and I have not been able to record a full episode this week without him. Th...View Details

In this episode, Dan discusses the shifting tide of politics in business alone while Brad welcomes his second child. For a few years now, the politics...View Details

In this episode we look at frightening trends and problems in the US. While there are always problems in the world, some of these problems group toget...View Details

Earlier this week there was a leaked opinion that indicated that the Supreme Court is going to overturn the landmark abortion case Roe V. Wade. We tak...View Details

In this episode we cover several news stories of interest. 1. California’s four day work week bill. 2. China Covid Lockdown’s & Ensuing Economic I...View Details

86.1 Episode Audio Fixed

For reasons that remain mysterious to us, the audio for our last episode didn't upload properly. We have reuploaded the same file and it works fine no...View Details

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